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3 Inch Crossfit Powerlifting Belt
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Dean & Jackie Best

The 3 Inch Powerlifting Belt
Price: $99.99


The Best Belt for Crossfit Training
Belt Width: 3"

 One of our goals at Best Belts is to supply every lifter with a belt of excellent quality to support them in their training. After reading many emails and letters from lifters telling us their thoughts and concerns, we felt a need to develop a new belt to add to our line of tried and tested belts. The new belt needed to be less than 4 inches wide but not a tapered belt.We wanted to put the most leather in front of the belt as possible so there would be max support from this belt.

With the growing popularity of the snatch and clean and jerk, we needed a belt that would give support for these two lifts without causing pain while getting into position. The new belt needed to support the lifter while doing all of the new lifts that are now being done in gyms around the world. Strength training in general has exploded with the excellent book "Starting Strength" by Mark Rippetoe. We needed a new belt that would support all of the new lifters entering the lifting world.
Finally we started with our popular 4" Athlete belt and then reduced that to 3 inches. That turned out to be what we were looking for and the Best Belts 3 inch was born. Our attractive new belt will be the perfect touch for many lifting programs. We break in the leather on this belt so when your new belt arrives the belt will have that broke in feel. The belt comes in single prong only with a carefully selected, highest quality welded seam buckle. The 3 inch comes in any of our many colors.

Our goals on the 3 inch were:

  • Give pain free support while squatting
  • Let the lifter get into the starting. position for all of the pulls off of the floor without pinching or pulling the lifter out of position while giving max support from the belt.
  • Support the lifter while doing exercises like bent over rows or shrugs without brusing ribs or hips.
  • Support the lifter while doing an athletic lift like the snatch.



Our belts are custom made one at a time to your specifications so please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.  We promise it will be worth the wait.
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