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Why Use a Powerlifting Belt and How To Use It

    To achieve the absolute maximum strenth from your body in weightlifting, your belt must be as close to perfect as possible.  Belts manufactured out of the highest quality of materials and manufactured from only the most extremely skilled beltsmith are used at Best Belts.  Less precise belts will fail to match up to the potential of a very well constructed belt. We feel our belt is of a design that is unparalled in the industry. 
     One purpose of the lifting belt is to build a rigid wall around the lower torso almost like trying to connect the hip with the rib cage. This gives the abdominal cavity more area to push against thus increasing abdominal cavity pressure. This describes what a belt does bio-mechanically. 
     The belt also reduces stress on the lower body and lowers spinal shrinkage. When your spinal erectors are working against heavy weight, for example squating and deadlifting, is when your belt is most effective. While lifting in an upright position, for example front press, your belt helps prevent back hyperextension, along with bending and twisting your back. Remember to loosen your belt after your set. Always take time during your workout to work your torso or core muscles without wearing a belt. A strong torso and a great belt together can improve your lifting results and safety. 
     The quality and function of the finished product is of upmost importance at Best Belts. We think our belt is a just reward for the man and woman that trains hard. You have choices but only one can be the Ultimate lifting belt.